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Household Items That Can Be Used as Toys for Kids

Skip the store and transform these common items into toddler toys

Common household items that may seem ordinary to you can become extraordinary toys for a child with a vivid imagination, helping them explore different worlds and develop essential life skills for kids! Discover how everyday objects can be repurposed into affordable toddler toys, and explore creative activities to make the most of them.

Paper Towel & Toilet Paper Tubestoddler toys

It’s fascinating how captivating these cardboard items can be! Children will go to great lengths, retrieving them from the trash or unwrapping the paper, all for a simple paper tube. Why? Because it can transform into a spyglass, a microphone, a drumstick, or even a sword! 

For parents aiming to turn these everyday items into affordable toddler toys, consider assisting your kids in crafting homemade binoculars or vibrant rainbow rainsticks! You can also engage in a fun DIY project by creating a bird feeder, giving your kids the perfect opportunity to use those binoculars they’ve crafted.

 Plastic Water Bottleschild activity

Plastic bottles are yet another common household item that kids absolutely love. What’s great is that these sensory toys provide entertainment, whether filled or empty. Parents can create imaginative soda bottle jet packs, DIY compost bins, and numerous other fun projects with them.

Boxesaffordable toys

Anyone with a toddler understands that the box is far more exciting than whatever stuff it contains! This enchanting container has the power to become a car, a rocketship, or even a castle.

For parents eager to maximise the potential of this item, think about getting some washable markers and unleashing kids creativity with colouring. You can also fashion robot costumes, tunnels, aeroplanes, or any other items that their imaginations can conjure up.


All you need is a tidy broom, a handful of artificial leaves from a local craft store, and some painter’s tape. Create shapes on the floor using the tape, scatter leaves all around, and let your toddler sweep the leaves into the designated creativity

Kitchenwarescreative activities

Surprisingly, some of the most entertaining household items are right there in your kitchen! Children can play chef or drummer, and these items can also be used for various water play activities. 

The best part is that you probably have a surplus of kitchen items that rarely get used, making them ideal candidates for transforming into affordable toys.

BlanketsDIY project

Is there anything more delightful than a blanket fort? This timeless child activity has endured for generations for a good reason – the world may seem overwhelming, but a small, warm, and snug space has the power to soothe kids and provide a sense of safety. Moreover, it brings everything down to their level.

Solo Cupssensory toys

Anyone claiming that bigger is better clearly hasn’t navigated toddlerhood! Utilising stacking cups is an excellent strategy to enhance a child’s fine motor skills and concentration, making solo cups an excellent option for a rainy day. Encourage them to construct towers for play or use these stacks as impromptu bowling pins!

Closet Items

kids entertainment

Dress-up is yet another timeless children’s activity that doesn’t demand an extensive collection of costumes. Kids adore imitating the people they hold dear, which includes you! 

Simply grab a convenient cardboard box and fill it with old shirts, hats, scarves, jewellery, purses, wallets, and any other items they might find enjoyable! This can elevate their imaginative play, foster their communication skills, and perhaps offer you a peek into the future.

Household items not to be used as kids toys

We all aim to keep our kids engaged, but certain items are not suitable for toddlers. Steer clear of utilising these household items as toys for young children:

  • Pet Toys: While we love our pets, their toys can carry a lot of bacteria, and if your dog is a chewer, some toys might have sharp edges.
  • Pots and Pans: Playing with pots and pans on the floor is harmless, but once a child sees it as a toy, they might attempt to grab it from the stove with boiling water or hot food. Stick to items not used on the stove or in the oven.
  • Keys: Although your great grandmother may have given you keys as a toy, they’re dirty, have sharp edges, and are made of potentially harmful metals. Avoid giving them to kids to play with.
  • Lotion Bottles and Baby Wipes: Kids are drawn to these items, and while handing them during a diaper change seems harmless, you don’t want kids putting them in their mouths later.
  • Remote Controls: Besides the risk of losing them, remote controls contain batteries that could come out and end up in a child’s mouth.
  • Pocket Change: Coins may seem harmless, but they pose an unsuspecting choking hazard.
  • Magnets/Magnetic Items: Children putting things in their mouths can be risky, and swallowing magnets can lead to dangerous perforations.

In the vast world of parenting tips, sometimes the simplest solutions lie right in our homes. Turning everyday household items into toys not only sparks creativity but also fosters valuable skills in our children. From cardboard boxes to kitchen essentials, these budget-friendly alternatives offer endless possibilities for imaginative play. 

So, next time you’re on the lookout for kids’ entertainment activities, consider looking around the house; you might be surprised by the treasures that await transformation into delightful toys for your kids.

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