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We are a British curriculum nursery with the EYFS framework. We believe in laying a strong foundation for children in their early years which will lead to accelerated growth and shape them into adults with good morals, integrity and confidence.

We support the vision of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum of providing First-class education and to believe in each individual’s ideas, innovation, dreams and connections- which is the Capital of the Future.

Children are natural learners. Given the right environment and tools, they will flourish, excel and have tremendous fun. Our nursery promises to provide that environment in a safe, hygienic, stimulating, calm, productive atmosphere.

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  • 2017

    350+ Children Graduated

  • 2018

    Supporting 5000+ Families

  • 2020

    E-Learning Platform

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Tappy Toes Nursery is First Choice of Parents, Reliable and Trustworthy.

Questions and Answers

The Class Size is as follows:

Children upto the age of 2: 8 children

Children above the age of 2: 10 children

We have two educators in each class and an extra member of staff on stand-by.

We have abundant resources and toys in each class. We offer children variety of toys to play and learn. In case of group activities, only 4 children are allowed at one time. After every use, the toys are cleaned and sanitized.

Frequently touched surfaces are regularly cleaned throughout the day. Furniture like tables, trays, stationery items are sanitized after every use.

At the end of day, the classroom are cleaned and sanitized for next day.

We have cleaning assistants assigned for each floor of the nursery. They are part of our health and safety team.

Yes, it is safe for children to return to nursery. Our nursery has gone through elaborate process of re-opening as per the guidelines set by Ministry of Education, KHDA, Dubai Municipal and Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and received No-Objection Certificate for reopening.

Each class is a bubble with limited children and teachers. There is no mixing of other classes or sharing resources. Each class has a routine for sharing common areas like indoor play area, reading area and more.

Temperature check is conducted on hourly basis and recorded. We promote handwashing and have dedicated time for handwashing after activities, before and after food time, at the time of entering and leaving the nursery. We take care of safety and cleanliness at all times in the nursery.

Yes, Bus transport is safe. Buses are running at 50% capacity. We have a Bus attendant present at all times in the bus to care and ensure safety of the children. We have temperature check in the bus before entering and leaving the bus. Our buses are sanitized regularly during the day and frequently touched surfaces are cleaned after every use.

Number of Children

Year 2015 50Children
Year 2016 70Children
Year 2017 80Children
Year 2018 95Children
Year 2019 90Children

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Your child deserves the best care and support. Meet our experienced and qualified educators.

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