what is cultural competence in early childhood education

What is Cultural Competence in Early Childhood Education

What is culture for kids? Essentially, it encompasses shared customs, traditions, and beliefs, shaping their understanding of the world. In early childhood education, cultural competence plays an important role in shaping inclusive learning environments where every child feels valued and understood. At Tappy Toes Nursery, Dubai, we recognise the importance of cultural competence in providing quality early childhood education programs that celebrate diversity and promote equity.

What is Cultural Competence and Why Does it Matter?

Cultural competence is more than just a concept; it’s a vital skill set that enables individuals to navigate and engage with diverse cultural backgrounds smoothly. In the context of early childhood education, cultural competence holds great significance. Here’s why:

Representation and Inclusion: Cultural competence ensures that every child feels seen, heard, and valued within the learning environment, creating a sense of belonging and acceptance.

Promotion of Positive Social Interactions: By embracing cultural competence, educators create opportunities for children to engage in meaningful interactions with peers from diverse backgrounds, building empathy, understanding, and cooperation.

Enhanced Learning Outcomes: A culturally competent approach to education not only enriches the learning experience but also enhances cognitive development, language acquisition, and overall academic achievement for children.

Key Aspects of Cultural Competence

Cultural Awareness: Understanding and respecting the cultural differences and similarities among individuals and communities.

Cultural Sensitivity: Being mindful of cultural nuances and adapting communication and teaching strategies accordingly.

Cultural Responsiveness: Tailoring educational practices to meet the diverse needs and preferences of children from different cultural backgrounds.

Cultural Humility: Acknowledging one’s own cultural biases and committing to continuous learning and self-reflection.

Cultural Competence in Action

At Tappy Toes Nursery, cultural competence filtrates every aspect of our curriculum and activities. Here’s how we bring cultural diversity to life:

Immersive Cultural Activities: We weave cultural activities for kids seamlessly into the curriculum, exposing children to rich traditions, languages, and customs from around the world.

Multisensory Experiences: Through storytelling, music, dance, and art, children engage with different cultures in a hands-on and interactive way, fostering an appreciation for diversity and fostering empathy towards others.

Building Cultural Competence in the Classroom:

Our educators at Tappy Toes Nursery are champions of cultural competence, equipped with the knowledge and skills to create an inclusive learning environment. Here’s how we cultivate cultural competence in the classroom:

Specialised Training: Our educators undergo specialised training in cultural competence, ensuring they are equipped with the necessary tools and strategies to promote diversity and inclusion.

Culturally Responsive Teaching: We embrace culturally responsive teaching practices, incorporating children’s home languages, cultural experiences, and perspectives into our lessons.

Promoting Identity and Understanding: By creating a welcoming and inclusive environment, our educators empower children to embrace their identities and learn from one another, fostering mutual respect and understanding.

Becoming Culturally Competent

We believe that cultural competence is a journey of continuous learning and self-reflection. Our educators are encouraged to engage in ongoing professional development opportunities to enhance their cultural competency skills. We also utilise competency assessment to evaluate our cultural competence practices and identify areas for improvement, ensuring that we continually strive towards excellence.

Why Choose Tappy Toes

Parents choose Tappy Toes Nursery because of our unwavering commitment to cultural competence and inclusive education. Our diverse and enriching learning environment nurtures children’s curiosity and celebrates their uniqueness. Here is why cultural competence matters here:

Diverse Student Population: Tappy Toes Nursery boasts a diverse student body, comprising children from various cultural backgrounds, nationalities, and ethnicities.

Inclusive Learning Environment: Our commitment to cultural competence ensures that every child feels welcomed, valued, and supported in their learning journey.

Global Citizenship: By instilling cultural competence in our curriculum and practices, we empower children to become global citizens who respect and celebrate diversity.


In conclusion, cultural competence is essential in early childhood education as it promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion. Tappy Toes Nursery, Dubai, stands at the forefront in encouraging cultural competence, ensuring that every child receives a holistic and enriching educational experience. By prioritising cultural competence, we empower children to thrive in a multicultural world and become global citizens of tomorrow.

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