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Tappy Toes’ Ultimate Guide

Looking for a place where your child’s potential is nurtured every day? Welcome to Tappy Toes Nursery. We pride ourselves on being the best nursery in Dubai, providing a nurturing and engaging environment for young children. This guide will provide you all of the information you need to understand why Tappy Toes is the ideal option for your child’s early education.

Why Choose Tappy Toes Nursery?

Tappy Toes Nursery is one of the top nurseries in Dubai. We offer a warm and caring environment for every child. Our excellent curriculum, staff, and facilities provide the best education and care. Choosing Tappy Toes gives your child a strong start in life. Let’s explore more. 

Curriculum and Educational Approaches

  • We follow the British EYFS curriculum nursery, which provides a solid educational foundation.
  • We use Montessori concepts, which promote independence and hands-on learning. 
  • We also use the Reggio Emilia approach, which allows children to discover and express themselves creatively. 
  • Our dedication to inclusive education means that every child, regardless of their needs, receives support and value.

Facilities and Learning Environment

  • Our modern amenities are designed to provide a safe, dynamic, and engaging environment. 
  • We have large indoor and outdoor play areas, a well-equipped library, and designated study zones. 
  • As a bilingual nursery, we offer opportunities for children to study both English and Arabic, allowing them to improve their language abilities from an early stage.

Highly Qualified Staff

Our educators are well-trained and skilled in early childhood education. All staff members hold degrees in education and training, are CACHE certified and get ongoing training to keep up with the latest educational techniques. Our team’s passion and professionalism ensure that each child receives the highest quality care and education.

Extra-Curricular Activities and Enrichment Programs

We believe in holistic development and offer a wide range of extracurricular activities. These activities include arts and crafts, music, physical education, and much more. Our enrichment programmes aim to improve your child’s learning experience by encouraging creativity, physical health, and social skills.

Parent Involvement and Community

At Tappy Toes british nursery, we recognise the importance of parents in their children’s education. We build a strong community by hosting frequent events and encouraging open conversation. Our parent partnership programme ensures that parents actively participate in their child’s growth. We use a dedicated app to keep parents updated on their child’s progress and nursery activities.

Admission Process

Our admissions procedure is simple and aims to make it easy to welcome new families. Here’s a step-by-step overview of our admissions process:

  1. To schedule a tour, please visit our website or contact our admissions office.
  2. Fill out the application form and submit all relevant documents.
  3. Schedule an interview with our admissions staff.
  4. Get confirmation of your child’s enrollment and starting date.

For additional information, please contact our admissions office.

Why Parents Should Choose Tappy Toes

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Parents pick Tappy Toes Nursery School because of our quality curriculum, dedicated staff, and wonderful facilities. We create a loving environment in which children can thrive and reach their greatest potential. The emphasis on inclusive education ensures that all children receive the attention and assistance they require. Parents who choose Tappy Toes can be confident that their child will receive the greatest early childhood education in Dubai.


In conclusion, Tappy Toes Nursery is one of Dubai’s premier nurseries, providing a thorough and nurturing educational experience. Our British curriculum, skilled staff, and outstanding facilities make us the ideal option for parents. Schedule a visit today.

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