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Understanding the Importance of Attending a Nursery Open Day

Wondering how to choose a nursery? Choosing the right nursery for your child can feel like a puzzle with too many pieces. But fear not! At Tappy Toes Nursery, Dubai, we have the key: nursery open days. These special events are like windows into your child’s future, offering a peek at what’s in store and helping you feel confident in your decision. Let’s explore why nursery open days matter and how they can make finding the perfect nursery a breeze for parents everywhere.

What is a Nursery Open Day?

A nursery open day is a chance for parents to explore the nursery environment, interact with staff, and gain insights into the curriculum and facilities. At Tappy Toes, these events offer an interactive experience, fostering connections and providing valuable information.

Why is Going to a Nursery Open Day Important?

Nursery open days play a crucial role in helping parents make informed decisions about their child’s early education. Here’s why attending such events is essential:

Understanding Nursery Ethos: 

Open days provide parents with the opportunity to gain firsthand experience and assess the nursery’s values, philosophy, and approach to education. This insight allows parents to determine if the nursery’s ethos aligns with their own beliefs and preferences.

Exploring Teaching Methods: 

By observing classroom activities and interacting with teachers, parents can get a sense of the nursery’s teaching methods and educational practices. This allows them to evaluate how well these methods cater to their child’s learning style and needs.

Assessing Facilities: 

Open days allow parents to tour the nursery facilities and amenities, such as classrooms, play areas, and safety measures. This firsthand assessment helps parents gauge the quality and suitability of the environment for their child’s development and well-being.

Foundation for Academic Readiness:

Setting the stage for academic success starts early, and a nursery that prioritises foundational skills paves the way for future achievements. Here’s how:

Early Literacy: Fun activities introducing letters, sounds, and stories spark a passion for reading and build the groundwork for literacy.

Numeracy: Playful tasks like counting, sorting, and basic math games nurture numerical literacy and problem-solving abilities.

Cognitive Development: Stimulating activities fostering curiosity, exploration, and critical thinking lay the groundwork for academic challenges ahead.

Building Essential Motor Skills:

Fundamental for physical development, motor skills play a vital role in a child’s well-being. Here’s how they benefit children:

Gross Motor Skills: Activities like running and climbing enhance strength, balance, and coordination, promoting an active lifestyle.

Fine Motor Skills: Drawing, painting, and other tasks refine hand-eye coordination and finger dexterity, preparing children for writing and self-care.

Cultivating Social Skills:

Socialisation is key in nursery education, laying the groundwork for future relationships. Here’s how fostering communication, cooperation, and empathy benefits children:

Communication: Group activities and storytelling enhance language skills, fostering effective expression.

Cooperation: Collaborative tasks teach teamwork, empathy, and conflict resolution, vital for positive relationships.

Emotional Development and Independence:

A nurturing environment is vital for children’s emotional growth. Here’s how encouragement and support contribute:

Supportive Environment: A safe and loving atmosphere fosters security and confidence.

Encouragement and Guidance: Praising effort and offering positive reinforcement builds self-esteem and resilience.

Language Proficiency and Multilingualism:

Language development is crucial in early childhood, shaping communication and cognition. Here’s how exposure to diverse languages benefits children:

Immersion Experiences: Engaging with language through songs, stories, and conversations enhances vocabulary and fluency.

Multilingual Programs: Early exposure to multiple languages promotes cognitive flexibility and cultural understanding, preparing children for a globalised world.

Cultural Awareness and Global Perspective:

Exposure to diverse cultures enriches children’s perspectives and fosters empathy and respect. Here’s how celebrating cultural diversity benefits children:

Global Citizenship: Exploring various cultures nurtures curiosity and appreciation for diversity, fostering global citizenship.

Inclusivity: Valuing children regardless of background promotes empathy and social cohesion.

Smooth Transition to Formal Education:

Transitioning to primary school is a big step for children. Here’s how a supportive approach prepares them:

Preparation: Developing independence and social skills readies children for school demands.

Continuity: Aligning nursery learning with primary education ensures a smooth transition.

Confidence: Building resilience and a positive mindset equips children for school challenges.

Why Choose Tappy Toes

If you are looking for the best nursery in Dubai, look no further. Tappy Toes Nursery is renowned for its excellence in child care and development. With a focus on health and safety in nursery, effective behaviour management techniques, and a British curriculum, it’s the preferred choice for families in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.


Nursery open days offer invaluable insights into a child’s early education journey. Tappy Toes Nursery, Dubai, stands as a trusted partner in nurturing children’s growth and development, providing parents with the assurance of a supportive and enriching environment. Attend Tappy Toes open day to embark on a journey of discovery and opportunity for your child’s future.

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