Gross Motor Activities

Engaging Gross Motor Activities and Skills for Toddlers

Toddlers begin on the journey of childhood, excitedly exploring their surroundings, with each move a tribute to their growing independence. At Tappy Toes Nursery in Dubai, we understand that this period of development and exploration is essential for setting the groundwork for gross motor abilities. As advocates for comprehensive early childhood education, we recognise the critical role that gross motor exercises play in toddlers’ physical development. Join us as we explore the dynamic domain of gross motor activities and the numerous benefits they provide to young learners.

What are Gross Motor Skills? 

Wondering what is meant by motor skills? Gross motor skills activities for toddlers involve large muscle movements, essential for activities like walking, running, and jumping. They contribute to toddlers’ physical independence and confidence, setting the foundation for lifelong movement abilities. Here are the age wise activities newbie parents can initiate:

3 to 6 Months:

Encourage Tummy Time: Placing babies on their tummies helps strengthen their neck and shoulder muscles, laying the groundwork for future motor skills.

Gentle Rocking Motions: Rocking babies gently supports their vestibular development, helping them gain a sense of balance and spatial orientation.

Ample Floor Time: Providing babies with plenty of floor time allows them to kick, wiggle, and explore their surroundings, fostering overall muscle development and coordination.

6 Months to 12 Months:

Support Sitting Independence: Using soft cushioning and providing back support encourages babies to sit independently, improving their posture and core strength.

Rolling a Ball: Rolling a ball back and forth with babies encourages reaching and grasping skills, enhancing hand-eye coordination and fine motor development.

Stacking Toys: Playing with stacking toys helps babies develop hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness as they manipulate and stack objects.

Age 1:

Walking with Support: Assisting toddlers in walking with support aids in balance and coordination, building the confidence needed to take independent steps.

Push Toys: Push toys provide toddlers with stability and support as they learn to walk, helping them gain confidence and coordination.

Outdoor Play: Outdoor exploration allows toddlers to practice walking on different surfaces, navigate obstacles, and develop gross motor skills in a natural environment.

Age 2:

Obstacle Courses: Setting up obstacle courses encourages toddlers to navigate various challenges, promoting agility, balance, and spatial awareness.

Ball Games: Playing ball games with toddlers helps develop hand-eye coordination, throwing skills, and teamwork as they learn to catch and throw.

Outdoor Activities: Outdoor activities such as climbing, swinging, and running provide toddlers with opportunities to build strength, endurance, and confidence in their physical abilities.

Age 3:

Bike Riding: Riding a bike with training wheels helps toddlers refine their balance and coordination skills, preparing them for independent cycling.

Sports: Participating in simple sports activities introduces toddlers to teamwork, coordination, and gross motor skills like running, jumping, and kicking.

Challenging Activities: Encouraging toddlers to jump, hop, skip, and balance on one foot builds physical confidence and coordination, preparing them for more complex movements.

Activities to Help Develop a Child’s Gross Motor Skills:

Beginning a journey of physical discovery, exercises that improve gross motor skills are critical for toddlers’ development. These fun exercises help children build strength, coordination, and confidence via engaging movements and sensory experiences.


  • Engaging in dance activities introduces toddlers to rhythmic movements, enhancing coordination and balance.
  • Encouraging children to mimic simple dance steps or follow along with music promotes gross motor skills development.
  • Dance activities also build a sense of rhythm and self-expression, boosting confidence and creativity in toddlers.

Playing with Balls

  • Playing with balls offers toddlers opportunities to practice hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness, and motor skills.
  • Rolling, throwing, and catching balls help toddlers refine their grasping and throwing techniques, building strength and dexterity.
  • Incorporating balls of different sizes and textures adds variety and challenges toddlers to adapt their movements accordingly.

Sensory Walks

  • Sensory walks provide toddlers with rich opportunities for gross motor development and sensory exploration.
  • Encouraging toddlers to walk on different surfaces like grass, sand, or gravel stimulates balance and coordination.
  • Engaging the senses through activities like feeling different textures, listening to nature sounds, and observing the environment enhances sensory integration and motor planning skills.

Why Choose Tappy Toes:

Tappy Toes Nursery boasts a team of experienced educators who specialise in designing age-appropriate gross motor activities tailored to toddlers’ developmental stages. Our carefully curated curriculum ensures that each activity is engaging, stimulating, and aligned with the individual needs and abilities of every child.

Safe and Nurturing Environment: We prioritise the safety and well-being of our young learners, providing a secure and nurturing environment conducive to gross motor skills exploration and growth. Our indoor and outdoor play areas are thoughtfully designed to encourage movement, exploration, and social interaction while ensuring supervision and support from qualified educators.

Qualified and Caring Educators: Tappy Toes Nursery is home to a team of dedicated and qualified educators who are passionate about guiding toddlers through engaging gross motor activities. With their expertise and warmth, our educators create a supportive and encouraging atmosphere where children feel empowered to explore, learn, and grow.


To summarise, gross motor activities are critical for toddlers’ general development, establishing the groundwork for physical confidence and lifetime movement skills. Tappy Toes Nursery in Dubai provides a holistic approach to early childhood education, with a heavy emphasis on developing gross motor skills alongside other developmental milestones. When parents choose Tappy Toes, they invest in their children’s future by giving them the skills and support they need to succeed physically, emotionally, and cognitively.

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