Little Explorers Foundation Class

Our Little Explorers Foundation Stage 1 Program is for children aged 3 years and above. Our FS1 classroom has state-of-the-art educational resources, continuous development areas like sensory corners, construction corners, numeracy-literacy corners, and reading areas supported by expert educators and caregivers who attend to every child's needs. Our staff members are trained to cater to the needs of the FS1 class like assisting with feeding and helping the child to become an independent eater, potty training plan and assistance with washroom, sensory activities, language and speech development, writing skills development, phonic and sounds activities, physical development program, and more.

Our Staff members are Certified in Pediatric Care, First Aid, and Safety training by authorities like Dubai Civil Defense, Dubai Health Authority, Highfields, and more. This program is available for limited hours batches - morning, half day, afternoon, and full day from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM.  Our FS1 - Foundation Stage 1 Program is approved by KHDA. 

Our Foundation Stage 1 program supports a child's development through parent partnership. We observe, record and assess every child's development. We have parent-teacher meetings to discuss the development and set goals for every child.  Our development goals are achieved through planned activities, teacher-led activities, child-initiated play, exploratory activities, and free play. Our curriculum is planned keeping in mind the development goals for every child. Our FS1 class prepares children for Foundation Stage 2 class. We have an inclusion team to support families with children with special educational needs, gifted and talented support.

Years old 3 years onwards
Class size 12 - 18
Class duration Morning, Half-day, Afternoon and Full day timings available
Transportation Available
Class staff 1 Lead Teacher, 2 Teaching Assistants
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Literacy development consists of reading and writing skills. Phonics and sounds are the fundamentals of strong literacy skills.


Numeracy development consists of numbers, shapes, sizes and measurement. An essential area of development for strong foundation in mathematics.

Understanding of the World

Knowledge development consists of awareness and educating children about the people, the technology and the world.

Physical Development

Physical development consists of the movement, handling, health, and self-care of the child. This is crucial for physical and mental well-being.

PSE Development

Personal, Social, and Emotional Development consists of making relationships, building self-confidence, and self-awareness and managing feelings and behavior. This area of development influences the well-being and mental health of the child for years to come.

Communication & Language

Communication & language development consist of speech & listening skills, attention and focus, and comprehension skills.

Health & Well-being

Health & Well-being supports and adds to child physical and intellectual development. We track and support parents with meal plans and opportunities of emotional well being.

Expressive Arts & Design

Exploring, creating, using media & materials develops the creativity and imagination of children.

Inclusion Support

Our Nursery believes all children are capable with the right support. We offer inclusion support to families with children with special educational needs and young people with determination.

Questions and Answers

We offer nursery and extended hours care for children aged 45 days to FS2 class.

Academic year begins in month of September. Starting date may vary.

We support parents and communicate through email and a dedicated Parent Application.

We offer full-day timings – 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM and limited hours batches – Morning, Half Day, and Afternoon. We support parents who seek additional hours.

Our primary language is English. We offer Arabic and French classes.

Yes, we have an inclusion department supporting families with children with special educational needs, gifted and talented.

We offer support to children with special educational needs and ESL in class and additional one-on-one and group sessions. We support parents needs and offer help with understanding and implementing new routines and more.

We offer winter camp, spring camp and summer camp.

Tappy Toes Nursery operates throughout the year. We offer parents academic terms and in between terms, we host camps to keep the children’s learning journey ongoing.

Number of Children

Year 2015 50Children
Year 2016 70Children
Year 2017 80Children
Year 2018 95Children
Year 2019 90Children
Year 2020 65Children
Year 2021 85Children
Year 2022 105Children